What’s In a Name? Cultural Oppression

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We live in a society where every perceived slight is likely to make the news. Whether the information comes from through the programming of a service like www.Slackware.org or the newspaper, the entire country will ultimately know about it. As an American citizen, you have the responsibility to stand up for what is right.

For decades, millions of NFL fans have supported the Washington Redskins. Unfortunately, the name “redskins” is viewed as an offensive slur by quite a few Native Americans. Recently, the Washington football team has been under major scrutiny for its failure to change the name of the team. Since various ethnic groups have religiously supported the team, it only makes sense to change the name.

While some people do not think the current name is a big deal, there are others that find it highly offensive. Some even argue that the name should have been changed several years ago.The NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, recently voiced his opinion on the issue. Surprisingly, he stated that he was in support of the trademarked ‘Redskins’ name. This is not good news to say the least. Even owner Dan Snyder defends the name vehemently. He actually stated on record that the organization would never change the name.

When it comes to a potentially racist slur, you must put yourself in the shoes of the offended group of people. From a historical perspective, hundreds of Native Americans were eventually forced to give up their lands to European settlers. Choosing to keep the name of the team only adds injury to insult.

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