Keys To A Successful 2011 Season

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In a word, the key to a successful Redskins season hinges one thing: health. The ‘Skins seemed poised to make a deep playoff run until rookie wonder kid Robert Griffin III injured his knee. For Griffin to already be missing playing time this early in his career can spell doom for a young team like the Redskins. Washington could have been even more dangerous could linebacker Brian Orakpo have stayed healthy and wide receiver Pierre Garcon avoided ongoing health concerns which limited his production. If the Redskins suddenly had Griffin healthy from the entire regular and postseason, combined with Orakpo’s double-digit sack total and a thousand yards from Garcon, the end of the season for the Redskins could have turned out very differently.

While some factors contributing to injury are beyond a team’s control, the type of injuries Griffin sustained are avoidable. Washington’s coaching staff needs to coach Griffin to avoid hits when he scrambles for yardage. No first down is worth losing your quarterback of the future over. If the coaching staff can implement some more conservative runs for Griffin, and with the return of Orakpo and Garcon, the outlook for the Redskins should be bright, as with health comes consistency.

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