What Are The Redskins Draft Day Needs?

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When it comes to preparing for the National Football League Amateur draft, there are a couple of important questions to consider. One of the first questions fans ask is ‘how do the players rank?’ Another question of particular interest is ‘What Are The Redskins Draft Day Needs?’ This year those two questions go together nicely and present quite a problem for the team. Their major need is to get a reliable franchise quarterback they can build around for years. The team has used different starters for several seasons with the same unfortunate result.

There are some excellent choices at quarterback in this year’s draft and they are sure to go early. This presents a problem as they will surely be gone before the team has a chance to pick. There is a chance for the team to make a bold move to trade up, but it will come at a high cost. However, opportunities like this do not come a long often. If drafting a top quarterback works, the costs will be considered a brilliant business move. If it does not work out, they will still be in the same place they are now.

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