Ten Tips For A Terrific Tailgate At The Stadium

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Like anything else to be a great hit , you must do great planning. The same goes for having one of the best tailgates. Plan everything ahead, makes a checklist if it helps. Here are some helpful tips.

Designated Driver

You should always have a designated driver planned in advance. At least someone who is not going to plan on drinking all day.

Purchase Your Parking In Advance

To avoid driving from lot to lot, spending all your cash on parking at a cash lot, trying to tell your friends where you are, you should always purchase a pre-paid pass.

Get There Early

The best spots always fill up first so you want to get there early. Most pre-paid parking spots open up anywhere from four to six hours early.

Purchase Alcohol In Advance

Most places are not allowed to sell alcohol on Sundays. So be sure to purchased all your beverages in advance.

Know Your Menu

Plan your menu and prepare as much of your food in advance that you can.

Bring Bottled Water

You should freeze your water in advance. You will appriciate having it when you want to sober up.

Plan To Have Food Ready

You will want to eat and have everything cleaned up before kick off. So plan to cook ahead of time so you don’t run out of time to get to the stadium and miss the kick off.

Show Spirit

Show plenty of spirit for your team. Fly flags, wear shirts with your team on it, etc. Not only will you be supporting your team, but your late arrivers will be able to locate you as well.

Bring Games

You might want to bring a football for some of the guys to throw around. You can also play cornhole or beer pong.

Bring Trash Bags

Bring plenty of trash bags so that you can clean your mess up!

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