Reasons We’re Watching all the Games at Home This Year…

mrice | Uncategorized | 08 15th, 2011  |  Comments Off

Sure there-s something to be said for taking in a Skins game in person but who wants to ride the train all the way out to Baltimore just to freeze their tuckus off? Here are a few of our reasons for watching all the games at home this year
Better Viewing Experience: If you-ve got Direct or any other NFL carrier you-re going to get better views and commentary at home than you are in the stadium. Playback buttons and Red Zone coverage mean you get to relive the Skins- greatest plays and turn to another game when the action is slow.
Cheaper Eats: Stadium food is notorious for being overpriced and nowhere more so than at a Skins game. 11 for a hot dog? Make some finger foods on the cheap and keep the chips and dip around for the whole game. Don-t worry about sweat or spilled beer in your nachos, either.
Fairweather Fans: If you-re the type to get really agitated at a football game, it-s probably better you stayed home anyway. Yell and cry in the comfort of your own living room but remember not to invite anyone over who-ll give you a hard time the next day.

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